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BCA Marathon Guide

This is the BCA marathon guide with a collection of all the help centre articles in one place to help you find the information you need.

Follow the articles from top to bottom to gain a complete understanding of how you need to prepare for the marathon and what you should do once you have finished the race

Find out how to fuel for a marathon both before and during the race.

Marathon Pre-Fuelling

In the lead up to your marathon you should beginning think about how you are going fuel yourself for the race. Most of us will be burning in excess of 2000 Kcal during the race nearly all of which will come from carbohydrates. So how do we ensure you have enough carbohydrates to get us through the race.

Marathon During-Fuelling

The body can only store around 1600Kcal of carbohydrates in the body and you re likely to burn over 2000Kcal during the marathon which means you will need to fuel during the race. But what are the best during race fuelling strategies.


So now you understand how to fuel for your marathon, but what about the pacing, or finding the right pace.

How to Pace a Marathon

Marathon pacing can account for 14% of your perfomance (marathon time) on the day of theevent, so it imporant to get right. But, what is the optimal pacing method?

Marathon Race Pace

Your marathon race pace will vary depending on your ability. You will learn your marathon pace over time and get a better feel for what it is like to sustain the effort. During training you should have a marathon pace session once a week to help you with this.


Now you have finished the marathon you are likey feeling fatgiue and wondering what is best (or safe) for you to do exercise/training wise.

Post Marathon Recovery

The marathon will induce a lot of fatigue that can take time to recover from. So once you have finished the marathon what should you be doing to back to normal again.

Best of luck at your marathon if you do have any questions, please email BCA. Or you can add us to your TrainingPeaks account so we can see your progress.


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