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BCA Gran Fondo Guide

This is the BCA Gran Fondo guide with a collection of all the help centre articles in one place to help you find the information you need.

Follow the articles from top to bottom to gain a complete understanding of how you need to prepare for the Gran Fondo.

Managing your Effort Level During a Gran Fondo

How do you know what intensity you should be riding at or how to pace an effort that's a long distance or on a mountains terrain. Found out in the link below.

Marathon During-Fuelling

Fuelling to ensure you can sustain the intensity you set out and meet the demands of the course profile can be hard. Found out how to manage these things in the link below.


Best of luck at your Gran Fondo if you do have any questions, please email BCA. Or you can add us to your TrainingPeaks account so we can see your progress.


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