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The BCA Vision

BCA is on a continual search to find the latest scientific knowledge that can be applied to your training programme. This process involves helping as many people as possible achieve their unique performance goals. BCA always puts your aspirations at the centre of its service and works for your desires. 

Be part of the BCA vision and advance your performance. 

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Founder | Jonathan Melville

Before going to university I always had a passion for sport. My passion lead me to road cycling in my late teens and like a lot of people I caught the cycling bug pretty quickly. Soon, I was training everyday (rain or shine) and the joy for the sport continued to grow. But, sadly two seasons into my cycling journey I obtained a number of injuries and illnesses, which forced me to step down as a rider. This happened to be when university work ramped up and resulted in a new passion. Developing and exploring the dimensions of endurance sports. With my new passion I created BCA and have never looked back.


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ABCC Level 3 Coach


Microsoft Data Science 

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MSc Sport and Health Science 

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First Aid at Work

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BSc Sport and Exercise Science 


Anti-Doping Accredited Advisor

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Subsequent to founding BCA I have led tremendously successful projects. My personal favourite was coaching a triathlete to work towards the prestigious Brighton and Hove Triathlon, who finish third in their category and in the top 10% overall in just 76 days. The project required a great attention to detail, which I hope shows in the delivery of my coaching.

Before BCA I was always involved in coaching as I enjoy helping athletes achieve their goals. I have been coaching in a variety of sports for over 6 years including cycling, athletics, rowing, triathlon etc. My experience has allowed me to work successfully with a diverse range of athletes from students to masters. 

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You can get in touch through email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and TrainingPeaks (linked below).

+44 7908331128

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