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Marathon Race Pace

Your marathon race pace will vary depending on your ability. You will learn your marathon pace over time and get a better feel for what it is like to sustain the effort. During training you should have a marathon pace session once a week to help you with this.

Your marathon pace will vary depending on your ability. The below table provides you with a rough guide to help you navigate how to pace the effort.

Marathon Pace:


% of Threshold Pace

​% Threshold HR


80-85% - low-mid zone 2

​86-89% - low-high zone 2


86-88% - mid-high zone 2

​88-90% - high-low zone 2/3


89-92% - low-mid zone 3

90-93% - low-high zone 3


​93-95% - mid-high zone 3

92-94% - high-low zone 3/4

As you will be running in a group and you may feel nervous you heart rate may be a little higher compared to the corresponding pace. You can use data to help you find which pace is best. For example take a look at your peak pace graph in training peaks under dashboard along the top. You can then see what your best pace is for your target time.

If you have any further questions or need any help please let BCA know.



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