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Meet BCA Ambassador Actor James Melville

Actor James Melville who has appeared in films such as A Monster Calls and The Favorite staring Emma Stone has celebrated a successful period at Breakaway Coaching and Analytics.

James during the run at Leybourne Lakes Triathlon

BCA: How did you get into triathlon?

James Melville: I wanted to do a sport that wasn’t technical, just fitness. Not too long and not too short of an event and to not be monotonous. Since triathlon has three events in one and isn’t short like decathlon, it was the perfect event.

You are also an Actor, that must mean you have a busy schedule.

Sometimes it can be tight, but BCA is able to adjust my training in accordance to any short notice auditions, which happens a lot.

Red carpet event for film 'A Monster Calls'

What made you chose BCA?

It gave detailed analysis on why I had the output I did and gave insight that I couldn’t get elsewhere. There was a reason for every session and the way it was conducted, that knowledge made you know it was all worth while. This was much more trustworthy as opposed to trusting someone who didn’t me as much depth in their advice and training.

What advice would you offer to someone looking for a coach?

Go to the BCA website and contact them, let them know what you want to achieve and start a dialogue, they’ll take it from there.

Looking forward to next year, what are your goals?

Winning my category in Brighton and getting under 1 hour and 2 minutes.




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