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Training Plan FAQs

You may have a lot of questions about getting a training plan so BCA has done its best to answer your questions below.

  • What if the plan does not fit within my schedule/calendar?

One size shoes that fits all is not a saying that works a BCA. Everyone is different and has a different schedule. Which is why BCA can make some adjustments to your training plan once you have uploaded to your TrainingPeaks calendar. So if you need a particular day off we can accommodate that.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a more personalised approach to your training plan then you can check out the link below, to the personalised pre-built training programme service.

BCA - Personalised Pre-Built Plan:

  • What if I have no time for family?

This will not be the case with BCA training plans. The aim is to keep you improving while ensuring you have time for family/friends and a good work like balance.

You may find yourself in a position were your an advanced athlete, but now don't have the time to keep up with the advanced plan. BCA works around this by offering the elite plan then you can take out some of the workouts so you have time, but still have workouts challenging enough to cause adaption.

  • I am afraid I will get the wrong plan, can I swap?

Yes, don't worry about getting the wrong plan, within 14 days off purchasing the plan you can swap your plan for free (assuming same value). To make life easier, you can answer a few questions to give BCA the necessary information for us to choose the right plan for you (this should take about 5 minutes). Click the link below to do this.

  • I don't know anything about training would this still be suitable for me?

Yes, BCA plans as designed for everyone from complete beginner to experienced. We provide lots of additional free training guides and information to help you learn more about training and preparing for an event.

If you have anymore questions then please let us know.


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