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Swimming Drills/Techniques

If you have a triathlon or swimming plan you would have noticed there are a lot of two letter acronyms within the swim workouts, this article explains all of them.

Swimming Drills:

CH = Closed Hands (fists)

To complete this drill swim freestyle, but with your hands in a fist.

PU = Pull (buoy between legs)

Your legs will not be in use, but your arms should follow front crawl.

KB = Kickboard (only legs)

Arms out in front holding a kickboard, legs kicking as normal (freestyle).

SA = Single arm (freestyle)

Complete freestyle, but only using one arm. Other arm should be out in front. Change arm every length.

SC = Sculling

Legs kick as normal, however, you move the water in front of you by pushing your arms laterally (in and out).

HU = Head-up front crawl

Breath every two strokes, however, before putting your head in the water look out in front to see your direction. This will help with open water swimming.

CO = Choice

This means you are free to choose which drill or stroke.

HP = Hand Paddles

Complete freestyle but use hand paddles to increase the weight your arms carry.

PO = Polo Stroke

Complete freestyle as normal, however, keep your head above the water so you can see out in front. The aim is to improve your navigation when it comes to open water.

Swim Strokes

FS - Freestyle

BS - Breaststroke

BC - Back Crawl

BU - Butterfly


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