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Swimming Drills/Techniques

If you have a triathlon or swimming plan you would have noticed there are a lot of two letter acronyms within the swim workouts, this article explains all of them.

Swimming Drills:

CH = Closed Hands (fists)

To complete this drill swim freestyle, but with your hands in a fist.

PU = Pull (buoy between legs)

Your legs will not be in use, but your arms should follow front crawl.

KB = Kickboard (only legs)

Arms out in front holding a kickboard, legs kicking as normal (freestyle).

SA = Single arm (freestyle)

Complete freestyle, but only using one arm. Other arm should be out in front. Change arm every length.

SC = Sculling

Legs kick as normal, however, you move the water in front of you by pushing your arms laterally (in and out).