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How to Boost Performance with Beetroot Juice

It is well know beetroot juice can enhance performance but why and how to use it to best effect?

The Science:

Beetroot contains 250mg per 100g of Nitric Oxide (Hord, 2008) which is a vasodilator. Vasodilation causes the lumen (the area were blood flows) of the blood vessels to expand. This is of benefit as it increases the blood flow of oxygenated blood to the working muscles. In addition the increased blood flow increases stroke volume (amount of blood pumped in one beat of the heart) consequently this decreases heart rate therefore making the body more efficient.


Research has demonstrated that beetroot does not always help performance. Studies show that the intake of beetroot before anaerobic exercise (sprinting) has no impact on performance. However there is evidence to suggest that during aerobic or sub-maximal exercise (endurance) beetroot can lower oxygen consumption. This is good as it means breathing and heart rate does not need to work as hard for the same result. Partially due to the increased blood flow beetroot causes as mentioned earlier. 


Beetroot juice is considered a ‘medium’ on the Glycemic Index. Meaning the body will not metabolise beetroot quickly. It has therefore been suggested by Jones (2014) and Webb (2008) that consumption is best 2-3 hours prior to exercise for optimum benefit.


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HI James, how often would you drink this, before training or just before events? David

Jonathan Melville
Jonathan Melville
Aug 20, 2021
Replying to

Hi David, many thanks for you comment. Although the frequency of consumption is less know, you can try increasing your beetroot consumption 2-3 weeks prior your event which may increase performance. But generally one dose 2-3 hours prior event start time is best. Hope this helps, any questions just let me know.

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