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Changing Workout Units

The BCA training plans come in power and pace by default however, some of you may train in heart rate, which is why this article covers how to change the units in your workouts.

Once the training plan has been loaded to your TrainingPeaks calendar click on the workout you want to change form power or pace to heart rate. Then click on the workout structure (the blue section which shows the workout).

Once you have click this you will see along the top of the workout is a section called units. Click on the drop down menu to change to the units you want to use. You can see in the screen shot below an example of were the units drop down menu is.

In some cases when you change the units from power or pace to heart rate you may need to change the range of the intensity for the workout. It is best you take a look at the heart rate training zones in the link below to see if anything need changing.

Bike Training Zones

Run Training Zones:

If you need any help please get in touch with BCA.


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