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BCA Athlete Showing Great Progress

Well done to a BCA triathlete for achieving his personal best at Laybourne. This PB (off over 2 minutes!) demonstrates excellently the hard work that has been put in to training. BCA plans each training session meticulously around the demands of the priority competition, target time and athletes current fitness level is proving a great way of planning.

The progress is building perfectly towards the athletes target event, Brighton - Sprint Triathlon in September. Keep up the good work!

Previously time - 17 July 2019 - 38:45

Swim | 14:22

T1 | 1:24

Run | 22:59

New time (PB) - 14 August 2019 - 36:01

Swim | 13:27

T1 | 1:13

Run | 21:19

Get in touch if you are keen to improve or just want to get fitter!

Finishing the swim now entering T1

End of T1 now approaching the run!


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