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Everything You Need to Know

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Why Choose BCA?

BCA is the coaching service that can truly see into the physiology of riders. With the data analysis qualifications that I possess and its application to sport science, it is a winning combination that will take you further. We know first hand...
... Numbers do not lie.
However, despite how blunt numbers can be, the relationship does not have to be. Keeping the rider's feedback and needs at the centre of their training programmes is essential to the company; having unlimited contact time and a competitive price shows this commitment to our riders.

Is there a student rate?

Yes, BCA offers students a much cheaper rate of £25 per month or £275 for a 12 month period. Please note, that the student rate does not include a premium TrainingPeaks account. You will also have to provide evidence of a valid student ID card. 

How do we communicate?

You can get in touch through email, phone call or FaceTime/Skype.

Will I need a Power Meter?

No! Although a power meter would be very good the minimum requirement is a heart rate monitor.

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with BCA?

No! BCA takes on any type of rider whether your just starting or wanting to win races BCA will get you there.

Is there a limit to how much we can communicate?

No! You can contact BCA on an unlimited basis. Since we are your coach, we are therefore responsible for your training.


You can get in touch through email, phone, Facebook, Twitter and TrainingPeaks (linked below).

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